The Mortuary Arts is

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How it works: People who’ve preordered, post in the top pinned post on my author facebook page  thread a screenshot demonstrating your preorder. This enters you into the contest.
== For every 10 preorders, a random person will will a signed print of one of the illustrations.
== For every 30 preorders, a random person will receive a signed Crawlspace paperback.
== For every 40 preorders, I will hand draw and sign a piece of art for a random person
== For every 50 preorders, a random person will receive a signed paperback copy of The Mortuary Arts.
all these will be chosen at random. you can only win once.

In 1880s London, around the time of Jack the Ripper, Kate O’Donnell finds herself in desperate straits. She has no options left but to answer the advertisement for a position as a mortuary assistant. Utilizing every skill she possesses, her new vocation teaches her to find beauty in death. But is that all she would learn?
This illustrated neo-gothic horror novella contains 26 interior black and white illustrations.
From the author who brought the highly-rated horror novel Crawlspace, John Gregory Hancock steps further into the darkness between life and death.
This novella will publish Oct. 25th, for Halloween!

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I’m now a Chronicle Author — you can win a cool thing!

Gotta read ’em all!

The Future Chronicles

fresh voices and award-winning authors

original speculative fiction short stories

#1 anthology on Amazon with every release

Like the storied SF collections of the past, The Future Chronicles brings you themed anthologies on the topics you love: Robots, Telepaths, Aliens, Artificial Intelligence, Dragons, Zombies… and more on the way. Each collection combines fresh new voices in spec fic with established, best-selling authors. Award-winning curator Samuel Peralta’s vision has created a series like no other.


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Future Chronicles Special Edition

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I’m in the AI ChroniclesTelepath Chronicles, and the upcoming Future Chronicles Special Edition (with a new story in my Singularity universe).


Special Edition

A compendium of select previously published Chronicles titles as well as 5 new stories to whet your appetite.


Hugh Howey

New Stories From

Susan Kaye Quinn

Moira Katson

Sam Best

and more


for 99cents

releases 9.18

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Samuel Peralta

Will Swardstrom

Thomas Robins

John Gregory Hancock

and more

What if you could live forever? Even now, scientific advances have brought humans to the brink of solving life’s final conundrum. Twelve authors imagine what it means when human life can continue indefinitely, invulnerable, immortal.


releases 9.4


Hugh Howey

Samuel Peralta

Jennifer Foehner Wells

and more

Z. Among the most monstrous creations of our imaginations, the zombie terrifies, with its capacity to pursue its prey, to run it down, exhaust it to surrender, unrelentingly. Explore a horrific mirror of ourselves that pursues us with untiring hunger.


Daniel Arenson

Samuel Peralta

Elle Casey

and more

Explore different worlds – lands of fire and fury, of legend and lore – but all where dragons roam unshackled from myth, freed from the imagination, and very, very real.


Samuel Peralta

David Simpson

Julie Czerneda

and more

From first awareness to omniscience, these original short stories explore when human intelligence comes face-to-face with its greatest hope… and greatest threat.


Hugh Howey

B.V. Larson

Jennifer Foehner Wells

and more

Intelligent life on other planets: it’s the brass ring of space exploration. Do extra-terrestrial species exist? Will we ever make contact Each tale takes a different look at intelligent alien life – and how we Earthlings might respond to it.


Elle Casey

Peter Crawdon

Nina Croft

and more

From that first discovery, to the subsequent jealousies and class divisions, to the dangers of weaponization and the blessings of medical miracles, these stories explore the ramifications of a future where telepathy is real.


Hugh Howey

Mathew Matther

Samuel Peralta

and more

Will these “post-human” intelligences be our friends? Our servants? Our rivals? Top sci-fi writers explore the approaching collision of humanity and technology.


…a new series start…


Ken Liu

Samuel Peralta

Peter Cawdron

and more

Re-imagine the world as one where the inventor of the smallpox vaccine died before he’d created it or the women’s suffragist movement failed or all forms of capital punishment are ruled inhumane. These ten alternate history stories will turn the world you know upside down.

MORE Chronicles…
Join the Future Chronicles FB group for fascinating SciFi discussions, and sign up for the Chronicles newsletter for all the latest news on the upcoming Chronicles releases.


new series

Illustrated Robot

Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi

Chronicle Worlds: Feyland

Chronicle Worlds: Drifting IsleIN PRODUCTION

regular Chronicles

Cyborg Chronicles

Time Travel Chronicles

Galaxy Chronicles

Doomsday Chronicles

Shapeshifters Chronicles

Jurassic Chronicles

Gamer Chronicles

The Future is Bright!

The Immortality Chronicles!

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the next Chronicles Anthology from the genius of Samuel Peralta is available for preorder. I have a short story in it titles “The Antares Cigar Shoppe”

I’m honored to be in this one, and with a stellar group of great authors, to boot!.

The description is:

What if you could live forever? Defy death itself? Even now, scientific advances in regenerative medicine, life extension, cryonics, cybernetics, and in other areas have brought humans to the brink of solving life’s final conundrum.

In this volume of the acclaimed ‘Future Chronicles’ anthology series, twelve authors imagine that uninterrupted journey, confronting not just how, but what it means when human life can continue indefinitely, invulnerable, immortal.

“The Immortality Chronicles” features stories by award-winning scientist and author E.E. Giorgi (Chimeras), Amazon bestselling author Will Swardstrom (Contact Window) and ten more of today’s most visionary authors in science and speculative fiction.


Don’t miss this one!

Prep for DOOM!

Prep For Doom

by Band of Dystopian

PFD cover_official

From the imaginations of twenty authors of dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction comes PREP FOR DOOM – an integrated collection of short stories that tell the tale of a single catastrophe as experienced by many characters, some of whom will cross paths.

What begins with a seemingly innocuous traffic accident soon spirals into a global pandemic. The release of Airborne Viral Hemorrhagic Fever upon New York City’s unsuspecting populace brings bloody suffering within hours, death within a day, and spreads worldwide within a month.

An online community called Prep For Doom has risen to the top of a recent doomsday preparation movement. Some have written them off as crazy while others couldn’t be more serious about the safety the preppers could provide in a global disaster. But when AVHF strikes, their preparation may not be enough to save them.

From authors Laura Albins, ER Arroyo, Amy Bartelloni, Brea Behn, Casey L. Bond, TK Carter, Kate Corcino, Harlow C. Fallon, Kelsey D. Garmendia, Caroline A. Gill, DelSheree Gladden, John Gregory Hancock, Casey Hays, Kate L. Mary, Jon Messenger, Monica Enderle Pierce, Cameo Renae, Hilary Thompson, Yvonne Ventresca, and Megan White.

Where to Buy



Barnes & Noble

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Other Links

Prep For Doom Website

Prep For Doom on Goodreads

Release Party (Facebook)

Join us June 27th for a day full of author takeovers, games, and great prizes, including a Kindle Fire HD7!

About Band of Dystopian

Band of Dystopian (BOD) is a Facebook group, blog, and company dedicated to dystopian, apocalyptic, and post-apocalyptic books. Our mission is to help fans of dystopian fiction find books they will love and help authors of the genre get the word out about their work. Our community of over 2,300 readers and authors has become a supportive, interactive, and insanely fun place to be. We are branching into the publishing world with our first anthology, Prep For Doom.

We have over 150 authors in the group, plenty of great conversation, tons of giveaways, and the perfect place for dystopian lovers to find their next great read.

Join Band of Dystopian

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Another yet another other 5 star review!

Hey! I forgot to check goodreads. Turns out I have another 5 star review there that isn’t on amazon. and it’s really really sweet.

here’s what it says:

Carole J.‘s review

Mar 13, 14


Wonderful for all. The age old tale of corporate greed and friendship between those with whom one disagrees and those of whom need to be gently taught. I made a couple of notes on my Kindle of these areas that particularly touched my soul. Thanks to all who recommend it.


About my paperback

A note about the paperback version of ROOF.
I made a decision to go the extra mile and make the wonderful color illustrations in COLOR as they were intended. Unfortunately, this means the cost increases quite a bit. So this is a caveat. ONLY BUY the paperback if you really enjoyed the kindle version and want to own the paperback version as a rather pricey keepsake.
I say pricey, but I personally think it’s worth it, but I also think the costs are beyond my control. Even though I reformatted the book to make it cost even less, it’s still $14 dollars plus for a paperback.
But man, it’s a beautiful paperback. You’d own something that no other author is offering now, traditionally published or self published. It’s unique.
If it helps, I make only a dollar off it, due to production costs. That’s less than I make on a kindle version.

So, it’s up to you. My feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t buy it. I’m buying my own copies to keep for me, and to send to reviewers or for contests.

But please, please buy the kindle version first. See if the interior illustrations make it worth it for you. I don’t think you’ll regret owning it.

Thanks for listening!

ROOFbigcover3 ROOFwallpaperGIVEAWAY Print Print Print Chloe Print Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00096] grand-canyon-150 robbiecolor1brown

And yet another 5 star review!

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The ROOF, the ROOF, the ROOF is ON FIRE!

It just got yet another wonderful 5 star review!

you can find it here

Or, here it is:


5.0 out of 5 stars Man, with robot., March 13, 2014
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: ROOF (Kindle Edition)
I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for the original short story titled ROOF. I loved the premise, and thought the story was the best of the collection that I was reading at the time. John Hancock decided to withhold it from the collection, and eventually expanded the original tale into this book. I glad he did that. This version is even better.

Corporate greed taken to the extreme results in a workforce of obedient machines, and a human population that is unemployed, starving, and desperate. It’s a situation made for revolution. How that revolution happens is the unique part of this story. It’s not what you’d expect. My favorite element is the one that the book is named for. Revolutionaries take to the roofs of the tallest building, not only to hide, but to build a workable community. Hiding in plain sight works because all law enforcement is now mechanical, and they don’t think for themselves. No one told them to look up. No one thinks to put security cameras on roofs. It’s perfect.

It’s a great plot, with a number of unexpected twists and turns. I really like Peter Harkness and think the ending is a fitting one for the character. This was a great deal of fun to read.

Another 5 star review!

my third, for ROOF!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00096]

go here


or here it is:


5.0 out of 5 stars I, Robot? More like Eye (Candy) Robot, March 10, 2014
This review is from: ROOF (Kindle Edition)
The first story I read of John Hancock’s was the short story, Amber. I was impressed with both Mr. Hancock’s writing as well as his ability to weave a complex philosophy into the story without boring the reader. This time around we get more of that, but Hancock deftly adds action and adventure to this futuristic sci-fi tale.
When I first read ROOF, I was momentarily taken back in time to high school when I would lay on my bed, devouring the short stories of Isaac Asimov. All of his early “Robot” tales became the basis for my love of science fiction. Simple, yet complicated in their depictions of what it takes to be human. Is is just flesh and bone or is there more to it? Can an automaton have a soul?
I think in ROOF, Hancock answers this question well. Humans make up a bulk of the story, but an underlying thread throughout is the presence of robots, particularly Robbie, who shares the stage with the human protagonist Peter Harkness. The philosophical questions regarding the robots isn’t the only story line, however, as we see corporations are in control of this world.
I had just watched the 1970’s sci-fi movie “Rollerball” just before I’d read this book and the corporate dystopian world is present in both the movie and this book. How that corporate world and the presence of robots together coordinate is where Hancock shines.
If nothing else, get this book for the illustrations Hancock designed for each chapter. They fit the tone of the story and are a perfect complement to Hancock’s writing. Well done!