The Second Chance Grill
By Christine Nolfi

This book turned my heart around

Ok. I stayed up last night finishing this book. Against my will? well, kinda. Let me explain:
When I first started reading this, I thought, as a 50 something adult male, I had stumbled onto another YA romance book. But I was wrong.
Well, maybe I was right I have no idea what category this is in.
Sorry, let me get back on track.

This was very well written, and the dialogue between characters was not only believable, but felt organic to their characters, and was interesting and compelling.
The main characters drive the story. My favorite was Anthony, the father of a headstrong but clever girl named blossom. Maybe because he was multidimensional, and his backstory believably directed his decisions and actions (or inaction). Or maybe because initially it seems he’s the only male in town. (Go team testosterone!)

No, but really, the reason is I identified with him: he was a decent human dealing with being a single father raising a cute but exasperating alien creature (oh wait, I mean a girl). And when he meets Mary, whatever was left of his tenuous grasp on control over his world unlaces quicker than a kid kicking off tennis shoes to jump in the swimming hole. Or insert a more appropriate metaphor here. What I’m saying is, this guy is cattle-prodded at the beginning of the story by a dragon lady named Meade, and then heart-kidnapped by the new gal in town when she takes a break from being a doctor to try to resurrect the Second Chance Grill.

Mary begins by swimming upstream against the various females that seem heck-bent on frustrating her plans. …But I better stop here or I’m going to spoil everything.
And I don’t want to do that because you’re going to enjoy reading this for yourself. Seriously. Even an old guy like me.

I recommend this book to anyone, don’t get fooled by genre or anything. This is a good read.