So I wrote a short story book that I feel I can be proud of. Ok, that’s step one. I formatted and self-published it and navigated those channels. Unbelievably, that was easier than I thought. So I’m running, picking up speed, and then


Headfirst into the brick wall of marketing. Funny, I work in marketing these days, but NOT in book marketing. What seemed so clear and easy for me: writing, formatting — it was crystalline, exact. Book networking and getting the word out feels squishy, and tenuous. Most importantly, it demands time that I don’t feel I have, working a regular job, wanting to be with my family, and keeping up with my writing for volume two.

I realize other do it and more with energy reserves to spare, but I am such an old fart!

Ok, I’m rambling, but here is the salient part: I’ve tracked down some links that I haven’t had time to fully investigate, but they might be helpful to others in my same boat. For example, I found that some reviewers just flat out refuse to review self-published books (which seems shortsighted to me, but that’s their bailiwick)

I also realized I can’t worry about marketing. I’ll do what I can do, and it will just have to be enough. My time will be better spent writing more. I think.

Of course, everybody on the massive tubes of the interwebs says I’m wrong, and that I have to spend thousands to market what might only net me hundreds. Of course, the people telling me that are only too keen on me spending those thousands with THEM.

Ok, the meat of the article. Here are some links. I do not guarantee their veracity as I am just now starting to investigate them. But feel free to check them out yourselves, and if you find any useful, comment and we’ll all narrow these down, perhaps.

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