I’ve always been a Rick Mofina fan, so I eagerly looked forward to reading this one on my kindle. Just being upfront I already like the author’s work.

I don’t spoil, if I can help it, but I will say this is another Jack Gannon story that finds the beleaguered reporter once again at the point of the spear of what is going on around him. This makes me say in my mind “Poor Jack, NOT AGAIN!” as various situations put him in various levels of real hurt. (that’s going to leave a mark!).
Mofina’s books are hard to put down. They grip you and put you on the edge of your seat. So I highly recommend this one. I’d go into more detail of the story but the fun of the story is how disparate things come together, and there’s a mystery that Jack must solve, sometimes with help, sometimes bypassing interference, that it would be unfair to reveal if you’re going to read this book. And please do. Read this book, I mean.

My only teeny nitpick with this one is it felt like the pacing was a little off, in that some things took forever to gel, and others seems too rapid-fire or too easily facilitated (for example, people that had every reason NOT to trust a reporter, would). But honestly, I’m talking extremely minor here, you probably won’t even notice it.

Having worked in newspapers myself, and being around reporters, the inside baseball of his Gannon stories is pretty much right on as far as how leads are developed and resources utilized. So kudos for that!

If you’re already a fan, this will not disappoint. IF you’ve never read a Mofina book, this is a good one (though my favorite will probably always be “Six Seconds”)