I’m working on volume TWO of Dreamwood Tales, Splintered Dreams.

If you like opening your presents early at christmas, I’m going to tantalize you with short teases from some of the upcoming stories….


Between ragged breaths, he caught glimpses of bright but soulless eyes on the underpinnings of the tunnel walls. Nikolas hunkered down and grabbed his knees to keep from collapsing. Behind him he heard rustling noises, the scratching of claws against metal. Hungry movements. A heavy crash to the left, and Nikolas knew the movements sounded too large for rodents.

Blood has a smell, and he was now covered in it. Predators would surely be drawn to the smell, to him. The possibility of being arrested by authorities seemed far preferable to being dragged down into nameless dark passages.


“It is beautiful. See the strength of the edge, how it cries out for blood.”

He brought the blade up to his eyes, to verify what the voice was telling him. It was true. The edge was hypnotic in its stark potential for violence. Violence it had already tasted, and yet, it was not sated.

“It needs blood, it thirsts for it. But now it needs human blood. The hot blood that is coursing through your neck. Feel how your vessels pulse in your neck with the delicious liquid. The sword has discovered it, too. The raw power of the blood draws the sword edge to you. Your life’s blood needs to be set free!”


The first thing I noticed was the difference in the air. I’d been living inside the building too long. I hadn’t been outside in months. I wouldn’t say it was “fresh” air, exactly. There was the remnant of roof tar, old brick dust and maybe lubricant oil. Still, I breathed it into grateful lungs. The air brought many things to mind, things lost, things dreamt. I was in a spell. When she came up next to me, I’d almost forgotten I was supposed to meet someone.

“You Peter?”

I turned to her in the dark, her monk’s hood was obscuring everything but her mouth and chin. I didn’t recognize her, or her voice.

“Yes. You a terrorist?”

She laughed. “Maybe. I need you to come with me.”

“Well, you’ve given me the best offer from a terrorist I’ve had all day, but you’re going to have to give me a little more than that, I think.”