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5.0 out of 5 stars I, Robot? More like Eye (Candy) Robot, March 10, 2014
This review is from: ROOF (Kindle Edition)
The first story I read of John Hancock’s was the short story, Amber. I was impressed with both Mr. Hancock’s writing as well as his ability to weave a complex philosophy into the story without boring the reader. This time around we get more of that, but Hancock deftly adds action and adventure to this futuristic sci-fi tale.
When I first read ROOF, I was momentarily taken back in time to high school when I would lay on my bed, devouring the short stories of Isaac Asimov. All of his early “Robot” tales became the basis for my love of science fiction. Simple, yet complicated in their depictions of what it takes to be human. Is is just flesh and bone or is there more to it? Can an automaton have a soul?
I think in ROOF, Hancock answers this question well. Humans make up a bulk of the story, but an underlying thread throughout is the presence of robots, particularly Robbie, who shares the stage with the human protagonist Peter Harkness. The philosophical questions regarding the robots isn’t the only story line, however, as we see corporations are in control of this world.
I had just watched the 1970’s sci-fi movie “Rollerball” just before I’d read this book and the corporate dystopian world is present in both the movie and this book. How that corporate world and the presence of robots together coordinate is where Hancock shines.
If nothing else, get this book for the illustrations Hancock designed for each chapter. They fit the tone of the story and are a perfect complement to Hancock’s writing. Well done!