A note about the paperback version of ROOF.
I made a decision to go the extra mile and make the wonderful color illustrations in COLOR as they were intended. Unfortunately, this means the cost increases quite a bit. So this is a caveat. ONLY BUY the paperback if you really enjoyed the kindle version and want to own the paperback version as a rather pricey keepsake.
I say pricey, but I personally think it’s worth it, but I also think the costs are beyond my control. Even though I reformatted the book to make it cost even less, it’s still $14 dollars plus for a paperback.
But man, it’s a beautiful paperback. You’d own something that no other author is offering now, traditionally published or self published. It’s unique.
If it helps, I make only a dollar off it, due to production costs. That’s less than I make on a kindle version.

So, it’s up to you. My feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t buy it. I’m buying my own copies to keep for me, and to send to reviewers or for contests.

But please, please buy the kindle version first. See if the interior illustrations make it worth it for you. I don’t think you’ll regret owning it.

Thanks for listening!

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