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ROOF has received 5 star reviews!

first, from across the pond:

5.0 out of 5 stars Good, solid sci-fi, 1 Mar 2014
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This review is from: ROOF (Kindle Edition)
Having only read (and enjoyed) Hancock’s short story collections, I was excited to see how he fared in a longer tale, and was not disappointed. ROOF tells the tale of corporate drones, both human and mechanical, as a government given over to corporate power approaches a horrifying event horizon. As machines begin to further infiltrate every facet of human life, Hancock explores the concepts of worth, freedom and what it really means to be human.

and from the US Amazon:


5.0 out of 5 stars An Enjoyable Read, March 8, 2014
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This review is from: ROOF (Kindle Edition)
This is the first book I’ve read by John Hancock, though I’ve heard the name before.

Let me start by saying John has made this book something special for his readers. He has included illustrations at the beginning of each chapter (they are in color for those of you lucky enough to use a color device). The illustrations are well done and set the mood of the book itself.

The story is a first-person narrative of a man who works in a company that is slowly replacing all the employees with robots. Or, I suppose you could look at it as the story of robots who are being gainfully employed in positions that used to be held by inefficient humans.

The content is philosophical and poignant, full of the reality of the human condition. Unlike other books in this genre, though, John manages to throw in some humor, giving this book just a hint of a Douglas Adams feel.

It’s hard to pick out something I don’t like about the book, but here is my only concern: At the end of the book, the dialogue did some of the philosophical heavy lifting for me and narrows the door of what could happen after the climax. I would have rather left the book thinking about implications of the events without knowing how things worked out overall.

All in all, this is a clever book that you should buy, read, and enjoy.


ROOF is FINALLY uploaded!

I’ve uploaded ROOF, a labor of love, to Amazon kindle and createspace paperback. The paperback will have interior color pages, since each chapter has a color illustrations.

here’s the blurb:

The world has hardened. Opportunities are few and dwindling. Society has changed, and not for the better. Every day robots and machines replace humans in the workforce, not just in the most menial jobs, but also throughout the cubicles of the corporations that dominate the cities.

Peter Harkness is one of the few humans lucky enough to still have a job, and works next to automatons all day long. How long will his job last? What secrets do the roofs of the city have waiting for him? Peter is left wondering who his allies truly are in this near-futuristic dystopian world, reminiscent of Asimov, Heinlein and the golden age of science fiction.

Here’s some art from the book:

Print greenskycity robbiecolor1brown grand-canyon-150 Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00096] Print Chloe Print Print Print

Teases from Splintered Dreams

Here’s a little teases from my new book, Splintered Dreams.


This comes from “The Storyroom”…

On the whiteboard, Hanna wrote in large block letters “TIME TRAVEL.”
“The hell?” Cooper said. “You’re joking, right? Time travel stories will kick our ass.”
“What’s wrong with time travel stories?” Christian asked, as he used his pen to trace over the drawings in his anime comic.
“It… will… kick… our… ass.”
Christian looked up from his doodling. “Yes, you said that already. I mean, what do you mean, they will kick our ass?”

This comes from the story “A Winter Crossing“…

In those times, when the sun would drop behind the ancient and broken mountains, the bridge became unfamiliar and cast a stifling pall on those who dared cross. Even to this day, it is said traversing the bridge alone at the end of a winter’s day is to invite frost demons. This is what adults tell each other. Then they laugh, and hoist mead or mulled wine in heavy mugs and whisper ‘fairy tales,’ at the oft-repeated warning. Yet their eyes dart and their tongues lick cracked lips and they share the secret conviction that perhaps labeling something a ‘fairy tale’ is not the same as labeling something untrue.

from the story “Yellow Fog

She’s little, like a midget, only we aren’t supposed to say “midget”. She’s not a midget…. Oops… not a midget anyways. Oops, sorry. And she’s always in her chair. The one that holds her head. It’s got a MOTOR! Woohoo! She lets me sit on it with her and race down the hallway sometimes. But we mustn’t tell anyone. NO nosiree! Then we’d be in trouble for sure.
Yes, ok, the yellow was like… ok, it was like if you rub a yellow flower under your chin to see if you like butter? Do you do that? Well, the yellow comes off like the yellow the fog leaves on you. Do you like dogs? The groundskeeper, Mr. Jack, he has a dog, only it’s a secret. He keeps it in a cardboard box in his room in the basement and he let me pet it once. It was soft. Really soft. He said it was a laboratory believer. That’s the kind of dog. Only it’s a puppy. That’s a baby dog. The puppy’s head didn’t explode. I heard him barking like crazy so I opened the door in the basement and I found Mr. Jack and he was asleep with his head like a juice pack, like Miss Sullivan. She’s pretty.

you can find the book here:

Seven Things you Don’t Know about me… (celebrity edition)


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SEVEN THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME (celebrity edition). These are all absolutely true.

1. BEN VEREEN: In Las Vegas in the 80’s, I was waiting in the breezeway of the hotel I was staying at for a taxi to bring me to a job interview at the Las Vegas Review Journal. I was surprised that it was a really chilly morning. while I stood there, a black limo pulls up, and Ben Vereen gets out, with a woman dressed in fancy furs. They come and stand next to me in the tiny breezeway. We barely all fit. They apparently must of had an argument in the limo because the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. He was very, very angry. Nothing was said. We just stood there for a long time, and I couldn’t figure out why they would leave the limo just to stand in the breezeway, as if waiting, for what? another limo? Why didn’t they go inside? Eventually, my cab arrived, and I left them there, waiting.

2. JUDITH LIGHT: This happened while “Who’s the Boss” was still on the air. I was in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hills Galleria, buying last minute Christmas presents. I was in a bookstore and peering at titles sideways so I was in my own little world. I should mention that I’m 6’4″ tall, at that time around 280 lbs. I stepped back from the bookshelf and almost bumped into Judith Light. I was dumbfounded, but not for the reason you might think. I was shocked to realize how SHORT she was. She came up to my chest, if that. And the paralyzing thought I had in my mind was, (if you’ve seen the show, she starred with Tony Danza, who appears shorter than her) was OMG, Tony Danza must be a SHRIMP!. This fuddled my brain, and then she noticed me staring at her from about a foot away. She also froze. I had to think quickly to cover up for just standing there, staring at her, so I mumbled out “Um, I love your show!” not knowing what else to say. She had this look of extreme panic in her face and said “Thanks” and basically ran away in apparent terror. I can only imagine my size scared her or the fact I was standing so close to her? Anyways, I had my purchase and went to stand in line (it was very long, being right before christmas) And I was not paying attention. I look ahead in the line, and Judith is like two people ahead of me. She turns around and I try to smile back, but she still looks spooked. I didn’t know what to do, I was not going to lose my place in that long line. So it became this awkward and slow thing where she would keep looking back at me like she was afraid of me. I felt bad about that one.

3. WILLIAM ZABKA: If you’ve seen the Karate Kid, Zabka is the blond nemesis who’s told to “sweep the leg” of Ralph Macchio. At time of this encounter, He was guest starring in a series called “The Equalizer”. My first wife had passed away recently, and since I couldn’t stand to be in the empty apartment, I found reasons to be out. I started hanging out at a TGIF restaurant in the valley near LA. I would draw patrons without their knowing and have the bartender send the drawing down to them. Sometimes they would buy me a drink or start a conversation. Anyways, I went to the restroom and left my drawing tablet on the bar. in this particular men’s room, there was a couple of pay phones right next to where the urinals were (why? I have no idea) So, I was trying to use the urinal, and Zabka was trying to use the phone, and suddenly two giggly starstruck girls came into the men’s room because they followed him in. I tried to hide what I was doing (peeing) and Zabka shrugged at me apologetically, and tried to usher the girls out of there. After they left, he apologized to me and kinda said “what are you gonna do?” When I went back out to my drawing pad and seat at the bar, he talked to me briefly and looked at some of my drawings. He was very classy, and apologized for the fans, although it clearly wasn’t his fault at all.

4. ROGER DALTREY AND PETE TOWNSEND: When I lived in Chicago, my apartment building’s penthouse floor often put up people that were performing in town. One day I went to the front desk to pick up a bulky large package. As I got on the elevator, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend asked me “what floor?” since I couldn’t push the button. Pete was in a patchwork fur jacket, and Roger had on a black knit cap. But of course, I knew who (WHO) they were, but didn’t say anything except “thanks” To which roger said “No problem”. I was on the 24th floor, so it was a long, silent, but strangely comfortable ride. They seemed very nice.

5. GENE SISKEL: I worked for a time at the Chicago Tribune, where Siskel was a columnist. Occasionally I’d see him around the building and one time he came through the Art dept. I stopped him and we talked about movies for a while. he was a super, super nice guy, and very down to earth. I also shared an elevator with Mike Royko (not a pleasant experience) and a very odd day seeing Richard Simmons and Barbara Eden at the same time.

6. MORRIS DAY: Morris Day and the TIME was a group that had a partnership with Prince (artist formerly known as). I was in an airport and he was there with several hot women, waiting for his flight. he was smiling a lot and laughing at everything. I recognized him, but not a lot of other people did. He accidentally knocked off a plastic casing around the thermostat, started laughing and tried to kick it under some seats in embarrassment. I walked over and put it back on and laughed with him about it.

7. ADAM WEST: In Palm Springs, I was in a mall bookstore (again) and saw Adam West checking out behind me with his wife. I held the door open for them and polltely stopped him and said, “Excuse me, but are you BATMAN?” and he said “Has there been a crime, citizen?” I shook hands with him and said, ” I’ve enjoyed your career and your body of work, and It is an honor and a privilege to meet you,” And he said “It is an honor to meet you as well.” That was the CLASSIEST encounter I’ve ever had.